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What makes us different from the rest?

Anita Marie Insurance


Anita Marie acquired her insurance life & Health license in 2009 and works as an independent insurance broker. In 2019 Anita shifted gears and decided to focus her business on Medicare and Anita Marie Insurance Services was born. Anita Marie strives to close the knowledge gap by helping the community navigate the world of insurance and Medicare. She conducts in-person and virtual educational seminars within her community and businesses.

Anita Marie served 14 years in the United States Navy and now I serve my community helping seasoned adults and retirees navigate the world of Medicare. You don't have to do the Medicare journey alone. Anita Marie has acquired a 2nd degree in Health and Wellness, which she shares with the seasoned adult community.

Anita Marie is license in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Texas.

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